VeraTemp thermometers are designed to be as simple and accurate as possible. Simply Point the device at the patient's forehead, Click to activate the device and then Read your results displayed on the screen.

To receive a stable and reliable result

  • New batteries require 10 minutes in the VeraTemp Thermometer before taking first reading

  • Before taking temperature, check that the forehead is free of perspiration and that any hair has been moved aside

  • Allow 5 seconds between temperature measurements

  • If there is a significant change in the surrounding temperature, allow the thermometer to adjust to the “new” temperature for at least 15 minutes before use (as it uses ambient temperature to calculate body temperature)



  • Do not use outdoors (or breezy conditions)

  • Do not use after vigorous physical activity

  • Do not use near a source of heat (heatlamp/heat pack)

  • The reliability of body temperature measurement cannot be guaranteed if measured over another part of the body other than the forehead (i.e. arm, torso, behind ear etc)


Note: although the thermometer can measure temperatures below 32°C and above 42.9°C, these temperatures are outside the range in which the precision is guaranteed


Normal Body Temperatures according to Age

0-2yrs        36.4°C –  38.0°C
3-10yrs      36.1°C  –  37.8°C
11-65yrs    35.9°C  –  37.6°C
65yrs +      35.8°C  –  37.5°C